Sleeper Earrings

There are no earrings more comfortable than classic sleepers. All of our sleeper earrings sets have been designed in-house, and are covered by our 2-year Quality Promise. Specifically crafted to provide both comfort and style, discover your new signature sleeper set today.

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Originally designed to be worn at night to prevent new piercings from closing, sleeper earrings are renowned for their comfortable and unobtrusive nature. As a result, we’ve created a premium collection of sleeper earrings that not only offer premium comfort - but luxe style, too. You won’t feel a thing when they’re in place, yet can be rest assured your ears are looking stylish at every turn!

You’ll find a range of both classic and contemporary sleeper earrings in this collection. From crystal designs to traditional sterling silver plating, you can select a set that best suits your style.

Wear alone, and you’ll create a simplistic yet sophisticated look. But, sleeper earrings are the ideal choice to be combined with a range of other earring styles to create a unique ear stack. Perfect if you’ve got multiple piercings to work with, sleeper earrings form the perfect baseline for your ear jewelry to come to life.

Sleeper earrings also make for a great gift idea, too. The last thing you want is to give jewelry they’ll never wear - but with sleepers, their super versatile nature means they can easily complement virtually any style or look. Perfect if you want to gift them earrings, but aren’t 100% sure what to choose. With sleepers, you can’t go wrong.

Explore our range of luxe sleeper earrings today and find your most comfortable set yet. All earrings are covered by our 2 year warranty, and will arrive in our classic luxury packaging.