Gold Sleeper Earrings

No jewelry says classic comfort like a pair of gold sleeper earrings. Carefully designed to feel totally invisible and weightless in your ears, our sleeper earrings are the ultimate everyday set you’ll love to wear. All earrings are covered by our 2-year Quality Promise and will arrive in our premium luxe packaging.

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If you’re looking for earrings that are both comfortable and classically stylish, look no further than gold sleeper earrings. Originally designed to be worn at night to prevent new piercings from closing, sleeper earrings are about as comfortable as unobtrusive as it gets! And with our premium designs as part of your collection, you’ll have a set of uber-stylish earrings you’ll never want to take out.

This sleeper earrings collection is entirely gold plated. This maintains sleek shine for a long time to come, and ensures maximum durability you can count on. From sparkling crystals to classic gold, there are a variety of dainty designs for you to choose from. Who said sleeper earrings had to be boring?

Gold sleeper earrings also make for a unique and sophisticated gift option, too. Due to their incredible versatility and comfort, virtually anyone with a piercing can wear them and enjoy styling them. Worn alone, they make for a super simple and clean-cut look ideal for daily wear or professional environments. But, when combined with hoops, studs and other drop earrings, they can be used as the foundation for a unique ear stack perfect for spicing up any look. The versatility of gold sleeper earrings is second-to-none - ideal for the person you “never know what to buy for”.

Explore our gold sleeper earrings today and choose your most comfortable set yet. All earrings come in our classic luxe packaging and are automatically covered by our 2 year Quality Promise.