Family Birthstone Jewelry

Whether for your mum, sister or partner, family birthstone jewelry is the perfect gift. Ultra-personal and sure to put a smile on their face, matching family pieces is the perfect way to bring everyone together. All family birthstone jewelry is covered by our 2 year Quality Promise and will arrive in luxury packaging - ideal for gift giving!

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There's nothing quite like matching jewelry to bring your loved ones closer together - and symbolise a united front! Our collection of family birthstone jewelry is perfect for creating delicately matching pieces for yourself and loved ones - with all 12 birthstones available for premium personalization.

Birthstone bracelets, necklaces and stud earrings are all available. All birthstone pieces have been carefully plated for maximum longevity, with a wide selection of gold, rose gold and silver optons for you to choose from. This allows you to select jewelry following the exact same theme, but with personal and individual touches unique to each person. Whether for your sister, mum, partner or even best friend, a set of matching family birthstone jewelry is the perfect way to show you care. Ideal for gifting at special occasions!

And, as all of our birthstone pieces are covered by our 2 year Quality Promise, you can be rest assured you're giving a gift that's been carefully designed to stand the test of time. Even when immersed in water, your jewelry will remain sleek and shiny for a long time to come. Browse our bespoke family birthstone jewelry collection today, and begin creating the perfect personalized pieces.